Pączki Shopping Tips

Buy cooking oils with high smoke points like peanut, canola, and safflower which don’t break down at the high temperatures needed for deep-frying.

Pączki Cooking How-Tos

Oil and water do not mix – make sure the food being fried is dry before going into the oil.

More On Paczki

I love paczkis but they are only available on Shrove Tuesday where I live, and not really healthy. I searched Recipezaar and found 2 recipes (#97522 & #83936) that I combined and modified to come up with this! Enjoy!
These are usually served just before the beginning of Lent. If you don't have a good old-fashioned bakery nearby, or you want to try your hand at making these treats, here recipe and tips on paczki-making from Polish Heritage Cookery.
I've tried many (including the Krispy creame copycat) and this one came out the best. I've found that adding the right amount of salt is really important if the donuts are going to be tossed in cinnamon sugar or iced.

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