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This Minnesota Vikings specialty gets its popularity from its bacon-infused flavor, made from grinding the bacon into the same consistency as the beef so that it, very stealthly, flavors the burger.
Lisa Silmser's cake is another original hailing from the Minnesota State Fair. After her batter "splashed" a mess in the kitchen, she decided wild chocolate decorations should commemorate the "disaster" with a Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Splash Cake. This decadent dish...
These wonderful shrooms are a speciality at the Arrowwood Resert in Alexandria, Minnesota. Wild rice is the key ingredient. Cook time includes the time to cook the wild rice.
We love this with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. So good! After moving away from Minnesota, I can't just buy lefse at the grocery store, so when I get a craving I resort to making it this way.
F-16 momma
For chocolate-peanut butter lovers! This recipe is a family tradition. Our family couldn't wait to get Minnesota bars mailed to us from Grandma every Christmas. My sister and I would also make them with our grandmother when we would visit...
The best thing to eat after sweeping snow from your roof, chipping ice off your steps, and knocking down icicles. I know chili didn't originate in Minnesota, but it should have! While this isn't a "true" chili, according to purists,...
Minnesota Minestrone recipe. Ready In: 45 min. Makes 10 servings 293 per serving Ingredients: ground beef, lean, onion, , tomatoes, kidney beans, corn kernels, canned, celery, cabbage, zucchini, pasta, water, red wine, beef bouillon, salt, italian seasoning, ---, parmesan, parmigiano-reggiano cheese, grated
I'm very fond of Indian cooking and, above all, the key element is the spice blend or "Masala" used by the recipe. A standard "curry powder" is what most folk outside India associate with Indian cuisine, although there are hundreds...
David J Rust
I adopted this recipe from Recipezaar on February 13, 2005.
Ann Marie F