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Liqueur- Strawberry Liqueur
Liqueur- Blueberry Liqueur
Maple liqueur is a key ingredient in pumpkintinis. Try a little in your coffee or your baked beans. Experiment, it is delicious!
Lavender Moon
PARK Restaurant & Bar's Chris Balchum is a bar manager who curates a worldly selection of beer (draft, bottle, cask, and can from Cambridge, Mass. to overseas), wine and spirits, and a number of uniquely crafted cocktails. He uses homemade...
One of the most recognizable automobiles of the Roaring ‘20s is undoubtedly the Rolls-Royce, a popular vehicle among doctors and businessmen. But you don’t need to own one to indulge in this cocktail, a modern take inspired by the classic...
Remember those pre-mixed Cosmos you loved to drink back in the day? (You know, when Sex and the City was still a thing?) Neither do we. Made at Ivy Bar & Grill, this updated Cosmopolitan recipe will make you forget...
Sure, the name sounds juvenile, but this is a much more sophisticated cocktail than you might think. If you and your friends still love a good vodka cranberry, consider this the grown-up version (but you know, you can still take...
A shrub syrup, which appears in this cocktail, is a delicious, vintage-style syrup made with fruit, sugar, and a form of acid (in this case, vinegar). This cocktail was served at a Hendrick's Gin Voyage into the Unusual.
Bubbly and fruity, this cocktail features Licor 43 — a liqueur that features a full 43 different ingredients! Read More About Delicioso Ideas for National Margarita Day & Beyond .
Tart lemon icing on top of buttery shortbread: what could improve upon this combination — besides a dash of spirits? Read more about Drinks That Taste Just Like Girl Scout Cookies .
Raspberry-Champagne Fizz
Whenever I think of New Year’s Eve, I think of champagne… I simply adore the flavor, the bubbles, and the festive feeling it conjures up. Every year I shop for a very special bottle well ahead of the festivities and...
Cranberry Margarita Recipe
It isn’t a party without a margarita, especially when a crowd is gathering. Sauza tequila puts a winter spin on summer’s favorite cocktail by putting to use the fresh cranberries you meant to use at Christmas.
Raspberry-Champagne Mojito
This utterly delicious and sophisticated mojito is topped with champagne or sparkling wine instead of club soda. I serve it with no ice, so as not to dilute the delicious bubbles.