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This recipe was created as a result of my interest in raising and using herbs.
This was an old method of preserving herbs and flowers. This is a great method of helping to reduce the amount of salt you use at the table.
Herbed Millet recipe. Ready In: 45 min. Makes 4 servings 286 per serving Ingredients: millet, water, salt, butter, black pepper, parsley leaves
Hummus is a healthy and delicious snack, and this recipe gives it a boost of flavor with tahini paste, cumin, and fresh cilantro.
For the traditionalists, sometimes all you want is a simple roasted turkey. We chose Freddy Vargas', of James Beard Award-winning Scarpetta in Beverly Hills, herb roasted turkey. He knows how to add flavor to a bird without overdoing it, with...
Add flavor to your rice dishes in no time with this time saving herb mix that's easy to make and keep on hand. For more recipes, visit Taste of Home
A delightful twist on the traditional herb-crusted fish, this one is missing the bread crumbs but not the flavor. The potatoes create a crunchy crust with a cheesy herb topping.
This salad recipe is fast, fresh, and full of crunch and flavor, without being full of calories. With a few simple ingredients and endless room to spruce it up, it's a perfect weeknight, last-minute, or anytime meal, side, or starter.
To get the perfect guacamole consistency, mash avocados with radishes, herbs, salt, lime, and a splash of hot suace. The creamy avocados and spicy flavors make a delicious dip for any occasion.
Organic Spring Mix Lettuce
This bright green and red salad is inspired by the herb salad with toasted cashews served at Carmella. Plus, it utilizes the best trick I learned at Carmella: de-seeding pomegranates in a snap. Since herbs have a tendency to darken...
Herb Crusted Halibut
Halibut holds up extremely well when paired with strong, bright flavors, like fresh herbs and coarsely ground breadcrumbs. This dish calls for the fish to be baked for eight minutes and then finished under the broiler for two minutes to...
Creamy Herb Crescent Bites
These easy, impressive crescent-roll appetizers come from Pillsbury . Trade whipped cheese for a healthier spread like hummus and top with chopped cucumbers or tomatoes. Click Here to See More Appetizer Recipes
Tomato Bisque
This soup couldn’t be any easier to make. Everything just gets plunked into a blender and pureed. My next door neighbor declared, “That tomato soup was the best soup I ever had in my life!” Fresh herbs make this soup...