Dover Sole

Dover Sole Shopping Tips

A fresh fish should not smell fishy or have milky, opaque eyes; it should have bright red gills, firm flesh, and a fresh ocean scent.

Dover Sole Cooking How-Tos

Whole fish should be stored upright in ice in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf.

More On Dover Sole

A classic fish dish with a touch of whimsy from the flavor center of the universe, Louisiana. Courtesy of Chef Kevin Graham of New Orleans' Windsor Court Hotel, as featured in The Louisiana New Garde television series. .
I have a freezer full of Seafood, that my DH had gotten one day, It contained, Cooked Shrimp, raw shrimp, Lobster Tails, Two King Crab legs,(the crab legs were Cut up) Scallops, and last item,, Dover Sole. What was I going to do with Dover Sole? I did not have a clue.
Clipped on newspaper type of paper but I can't figure which paper or any details for the source. My DH loves Dover sole and flounder works too. Sauce yields 2 cups.