Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup Shopping Tips

Buy fresh herbs and spices to season your soup; fresh garlic, parsley, and thyme will enhance the flavor without being overpowering.

Chicken Tortilla Soup Cooking How-Tos

Most soups are better the day after their made. If possible refrigerate your soup overnight before serving.

More On Chicken Tortilla Soup

I have had a great tortilla soup at one of my favorite restaurants, and I combined a few recipes to make one of my own!
This is a bake and boil
Chicken Tortilla Soup-Publically available at the resturaunt in Prescott, Arizona. Fabulous, easy, and quick. I use frozen corn instead of cutting it off of the cobb, canned tomatoes, and a Costco baked chicken boned and diced.