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This is an Moroccan bread recipe. For step by step pictures visit:
Ube Bread
So, here friends, I'm excited to share with you my first attempt to make ube bread ... it's not as purple as other ube breads (maybe you could add more ube to make it look ube-esque), but this bread disappeared...
Nothing says Fall like a loaf of pumpkin bread making its way out from the oven! The hankering for this tasty bread remains year-long for many and well within reach with canned pumpkin and a few other baking staples.
Black Bread
"There’s nothing more distinctively Nordic than a loaf of dark bread set on the kitchen table. Each country has its own version made from varying grains, resulting in an array of textures, but they are almost always sweetened with molasses...
Nothing tastes better than crusty bread sopped in a soup or sauce.
Given Hanukkah’s shifting schedule, this date may or may not match up to the Festival of Light. However, I wanted to share this Jewish cookie recipe because it’s one of my favorites and the double bake time makes it perfect...
Banana bread is a great way to use overly-ripe bananas and makes a delicious breakfast bread option.
Paleo Pumpkin Bread
Based on the popular Paleo Diet, this healthy pumpkin bread recipe is also gluten-free, but definitely not taste-free.
Apple Bread Budding
Bread pudding is a great way to use up leftover day-old bread. It’s also an easy go-to dessert for a busy weeknight that can bake while you’re having dinner. Go ahead, treat yourself to the caramel apple version.