Best Blanched Recipes - The Daily Meal

Purple Potatoes Wrapped in Puff Pastry
Peruvian purple potatoes are rich in the antioxidant anthocyanin. Their nutty taste and beautiful appearance set them apart from other potatoes. This recipe is just one of many great ways to use these medium-starch potatoes.
Brussels Sprout and Date Salad
Here's a quick and easy side dish for two that can easily be made to accommodate a crowd. Honey , balsamic vinegar, and dates play off the bitterness in the radicchio, and perfectly cooked Brussels sprouts lend a crisp tender...
Inspired by a stroll from the famed Ferry Building (and its collection of top-notch food stands) to Fisherman’s Wharf, where the fog rolls in off the bay, Fisherman’s Blood brings the indelible flavors of the sea and the city’s heritage...
Like a Tuscan sunrise over the region’s renowned vineyards, our Al Fresca Mary is brimming with warmth – and many of the subtle flavor notes you might find in a superior Chianti – thanks to tomato juice infused with fresh...
Spring Vegetable Ragù
This simple yet delicious ragù is ideal served alongside branzino , grilled swordfish, lamb tenderloin, Cornish game hen, or salmon. Click here to see In Season: Fava Beans .
This recipe makes chicken succulent and simple. A profile of rustic Italian flavors both refined and aproachable takes this classic dish right from the chef's kitchen to yours.
Tortellini and Vegetable Salad
Here's a unique twist on the popular pasta salad . Here, tortellini is used instead of the usual penne, farfalle, or elbow-shaped pasta, and summer's best seasonal vegetables are thrown into the mix for a healthier, more nutritious pasta salad...
Tofu Vegetable Salad
This healthy tofu vegetable salad packs a vegetarian protein punch perfect for a post-workout meal or a weeknight dinner for two. Or, take leftovers to work the next day with some brown rice for a light, nutritious lunch.
Bucatini con le Sarde
It's impossible to go to Southern Italy without trying pasta con le sarde, the famous and most traditional of Sicilian dishes. The Sicilians are masters at blending sweet with salty and savory flavors, and pasta con le sarde is the...
Freshly grated zest and thin mandarin slices do double duty as edible decoration for this irresistibly versatile cake. Blanching the citrus slices removes their inherent bitterness and makes them tender.