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I prepare this for summer outdoor grilling parties as an appetizer. The secret is to take the shrimp off the grill right as they are done and moving away from the grill so they do not over cook. They pop...
Beet bruschetta
A delicious appetizer that is wonderful to serve in the winter, and looks beautiful when passed on round trays. Each component of the dish can be made in advance, so that all you need to do on the day of...
For a refreshing dip, try this recipe. It's a great fruity appetizer to serve at your next party.
Ricotta Crostini
Crostini are the perfect appetizer for passing at parties. Topped with ricotta and sundried tomato pesto , these Italian-style appetizers are sure to please your guests. Recipe courtesy of Vita Coco .
A fun, decadent and delicious appetizer that's easy to make and tastes great. Serve it alongside some of our other menu ideas for A Modern Caviar Cocktail Party.
Originally from New Orleans, Oysters Rockefeller is flavorful appetizer. Oysters on the half shell are topped with a rich mixture of spinach or parsley, cheese, and butter, and baked. Rebecca transformed this classic holiday appetizer into a soup for a...
Guacamole del Sur
Yes, that's right, there are grasshoppers in this guacamole. Grasshoppers add a pleasant crunch to this regional take on traditional guacamole from chef Richard Sandoval of the La Sandia Restaurants. In Oaxaca, these delicacies are known as chapulines . They...
For your upcoming holiday party, serve this dip as an appetizer. It's easy to make, and won't make you too full before your main course. Click here for 5 Healthy Holiday Recipes
Chicken Grinder Bites
Every bite packs tomatoes , meat and cheese for an appetizer that is sure to please. Your family and guests will love our Crispy Chicken Grinder Bites!
Baked Tomatoes with Parmesan and Oregano
This baked appetizer is easy and healthy — and for those with fancy plates or bowls, it can be really pretty, too. The fresh oregano is key in this recipe, so don’t be lazy and use the dried stuff. Feel...