Best College Football Bars

901 Bar: University of Southern California
Buffalo Bros: Texas Christian University
Chuck's Cafe: Syracuse University
Corby's: University of Notre Dame
The Dixie Chicken: Texas A&M University
Effin's Pub: San Diego State University
Eskimo Joe's: Oklahoma State University
The Esso Club: Clemson University
Foghorn's: University of Arkansas
The Half Barrel: University of Tennessee
Harpo's: University of Missouri
King Avenue 5: Ohio State University
Murphy's Bar and Grill: University of Hawaii
Nowhere Bar: University of Georgia
Old Staley's: Wakeforest University
Olde Queens Tavern: Rutgers University
Pazzo's Pizza Pub: University of Kentucky
Posse East: University of Texas
Schultzy’s Sausage : University of Washington
The Sink: University of Colorado
The Swamp: Florida University
The Wagon Wheel Bar & Grill: University of Kansas
Washington's Sports Bar: Colorado State University