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2009: 56th Presidential Inauguration: Barack Obama

President Obama’s 2009 inaugural luncheon was modeled after foods former President Abraham Lincoln ate. The luncheon was held in Congress’s National Statuary Hall, where President Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden and their families dined with congressional leaders, justices of the Supreme Court, and pending members of the Obama Cabinet on brace of American duck with cherry chutney and roasted pheasant with wild rice stuffing, molasses sweet potatoes, and winter vegetables like asparagus, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and wax beans. The first course, seafood stew, was served on replicas of the china picked out by then-first lady Mary Todd Lincoln at the beginning of her husband’s term. Dessert was an apple cinnamon sponge cake with sweet cream glacé. The menu was catered by Arlington, Va.’s Design Cuisine, who is also catering Obama’s second inauguration luncheon.

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