Berry Cookie Cups

Berry Cookie Cups
From, by Erin

Berry Cookie Cups have a sugar cookie crust and a delicious white chocolate cream cheese filling. Recipe contains a gluten-free option.

Berry Cookie Cups are loaded with sweet, summer flavor. The sugar cookie crust makes them irresistible. Recipe contains a gluten-free option.

Berry season is in full swing and I’m so, so excited. I love berries not just because they’re tasty, but because they make the job of decorating so easy!

If you’re like me and prefer not to make recipes that require a bit of time and skill to decorate, then these berry cookie cups are perfect for you. My mini cheesecakes are also a great option.

These ridiculously addictive treats have a soft and slightly puffy sugar cookie crust which is already delicious on its own. I may have had to make them a few times because I kept eating the crusts before I got the chance to fill them. Once the filling is added, they become completely irresistible!


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