Flavored Beers Now on the Rise

Flavored Beer | Beer Trends | Alcohol
Yes, we know flavored beer is all the rage right now. Budweiser launched their margarita-flavored beers (just drink a margarita folks! Then follow with a beer!), while peach, avocado, and all sorts... read more

Stone Brewing Co. Addresses the Craft Beer Controversy

There's been a storm brewing (get it?) among the craft brewing industry and the buzz it's been getting lately. (After all, there are a lot of great craft breweries out there.) Namely, the... read more

How to Forage for Beer Ingredients and More News

Foraging for Beer | Food News | Media Mix
The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world. KISS Coffee Shop to Close: The KISS-themed coffee shop in South Carolina is reportedly closing down after seven years, following a... read more

Avocado Now Used to Make Beer, Too

Avocado Ale | Los Angeles | Beer
It's common practice here at The Daily Meal offices to smear half an avocado on some toast and call it breakfast, so of course a beer made from avocado sounds freaking fantastic to us. But for... read more

Brewer Recreates 300-Year-Old Beer From Recipe

300-Year-Old Beer Recreated | Beer
In the year 1720, Sweden and Prussia signed a peace treaty, while the French government proclaimed a strike on banknotes. And in upper Austria, the Neuhaus castle was brewing Neuhauser Herrschafts... read more

20 Foreign Words for Beer Lovers and More News

Beer Vocabulary
The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world. Movie Theater Food: Looks like we won't be stuck with movie theater nachos and popcorn forever; in the age of pirating, theaters... read more

Hydrating, Hangover-Free Beer Invented

Perhaps the philosophy of a "cleansing beer" will actually hold true in the near future; researchers at Griffith Health Institute have reportedly created a more hydrating beer, Australian... read more

The Ultimate Beer Tour of Charleston, South Carolina

We will be the first to admit, our knowledge and background in the beer offerings of Charleston, S.C., was pretty limited. So what better way to become more versed than to spend a day with someone... read more