10 Alcohol Facts That Just Aren’t True

10 Alcohol Myths That Just Aren’t True
There’s something great about tossing back a few (or several) brews with friends — but then you may be left to deal with the most miserable hangover you have ever experienced in your life... read more

What's Your State's Favorite Beer?

Despite the huge craft beer movement, it seems like the most popular beers are still, obviously, the big ones. Slate reports that a survey from Blowfish, a "hangover cure" product, found... read more

Craft Beer Stalled Thanks to Government Shutdown

America is finally starting to see some side effects of the government shutdown in its second week, in an area near and dear to Americans' hearts: beer. Turns out, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and... read more

Beer Grain Used to Make Granola Bars

Making beer can be a wasteful process; the grain used to make beer is often left over and used as fertilizer or fed to livestock, but according to ReGrained founders, sometimes it's just thrown... read more

21 Weirdest Beer Flavors

20 Weirdest Beer Flavors
Beer is undoubtedly one of America’s favorite drinks. It’s the perfect thirst-quencher after a hot day in the sun, and the ideal drink to casually sip on Sunday while you’re... read more

How to Brew Beer in Space and More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed. Grant Achatz Fashionable Food: The Chicago chef answers Harper's Bazaar "Fashionable Food" feature, saying he'll never tire of pizza.... read more

Beer Now Infused with Moon Dust

Forget Blue Moon; Dogfish Head Brewery has released a "Celest-jewel-ale," which reportedly contains "finely crushed particles of actual lunar meteorites." Which is to say, it... read more

Beer or Wine: Pick Your Poison

It’s almost like comparing apples to oranges, but to some extent beer and wine are comparable if we talk about market shares. A Gallup survey just this August showed that wine is encroaching... read more