Colorado's Governor Had Beer Taps Installed in His Mansion

The Democratic Party won’t be the only party going on in Colorado governor John Hickenlooper’s house. According to The Associated Press, Hickenlooper has announced that he had a draft... read more

Win Lucky Buddha Beer for Life with Best March Madness Picks

Win Lucky Buddha Beer for Life with Best March Madness Picks
In response to Warren Buffet’s bracket challenge that was less likely to happen than “getting struck by lightning on a sunny day,” Lucky Buddha Beer is offering college basketball... read more

An ‘Adult KFC’ Has Just Opened in Tokyo, Japan

An ‘Adult KFC’ Has Just Opened in Tokyo, Japan
On Monday, March 17th, an ‘Adult Kentucky Fried Chicken’ opened in Tokyo, Japan at the Yomiuri Shimbun Building. You’re probably wondering, “What does that even mean?”... read more

Guinness Pulls Out of New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade

Guinness has announced this morning that it will be pulling its sponsorship of the 253rd St. Paddy’s Day Parade in New York City, due to the rule set by the Ancient Order of Hibernians that... read more

Green Beer Turns 100 This St. Paddy’s Day

For the days and weeks leading up to St. Paddy’s Day, the green beer will flow in bars, pubs, and restaurants across the country. But did you know that the pint of shamrock-colored brew ... read more

Fans Suing Hockey Arena for Same Size Small and Large Beers

Hell hath no fury like a hockey fan (and beer-drinker) scorned. A group of Steelheads hockey fans are suing the Century Link arena for selling $7 large beers and $4 small beers in cups that hold the... read more

Lager After Lifting? Post-Workout Beer Released in Canada

Going to the gym? Don’t forget your can of beer! Canadian-based energy drink company Vampt has launched an all-new drink called Lean Machine that’s actually super-beer — a light... read more

Mother of Dragons! New Game of Thrones Beer Released

A Lannister always drinks his draughts. Brewery Ommegang has just announced the release of “Fire and Blood,” the latest in their line of Game of Thrones-inspired ales, which will hit... read more