Inmates Sue Beer Companies, Blame Crimes on Alcohol

Although we may blame booze for several bad decisions on a Friday night, we would hardly think to sue beer companies for those mistakes. Five Idaho inmates, however, have drafted a lawsuit against... read more

Your Boozed-Up Pizza Craving, Explained

Pizza and Beer
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11,000-Year-Old Beer Breweries Discovered

That 3,000-year-old wine has got nothing on this; archaeologists have discovered 11,000-year-old beer-brewing troughs at a feasting site in Turkey, called Göbekli Tepe. The findings,... read more

Rogue Introduces VooDoo Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana Ale

In 2011, unorthodox Oregon brewery Rogue Ales teamed up with Portland’s VooDoo Doughnut to release Bacon Maple Ale, a brown ale our reviewer recently described as having a scent "... read more

Breckenridge Brewery Continues to Mock Big Beer with New Videos

Breckenridge Brewery’s "Truth in Beervertising" ad campaign was first launched in spring of 2011, and the series of videos poking fun at the advertising techniques of macro beer... read more

Beer Review: Blue Moon Vintage Proximity and Impulse Ales

What many people may not know about the head brewmaster and founder of Blue Moon, Keith Villa: he's also a wine enthusiast. In addition to making what's considered the end-all White Belgian... read more

8 Holiday Ales to Drink This Winter

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Best News Ever: 'Game of Thrones' to Debut Beer

Looks like Homer Simpson fans won't be the only ones to enjoy a TV-inspired beer anymore. Game of Thrones fanatics, rejoice: you will soon have a beer to go with your viewing parties of the... read more