Beer From Heaven? Monk-Made Beer Finally for Sale in US

It's either a blessing from above, or a curse: a blessing if you can get your hands on the newly released Westvleteren XII, made by monks, and a curse if the store ran out before you got to... read more

The End Is Near (Sort Of): Stone Releases the Last 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Ale

Dec. 12, 2012: 12.12.12. is an especially lucky day for craft beer lovers. Stone Brewing released its final release in the Epic Vertical Series, the 10-year series of aged beers that's drawn in... read more

Macro Breweries Vs. Micro Breweries: Craft Beer War Is Officially On

The Anheuser-Busch takeover of Mexico's Modelo beer brands (including your beloved Corona) is imminently close, now that the sale has cleared a big regulatory hurdle. Anheuser-Busch now has... read more

Can Beer Fight the Common Cold?

Most people reach for the boiling pot of tea or OJ to prevent the common cold -- now, research says popping open a cold brew might do the trick.  The beer world is buzzing about the study, in... read more

Another Study to Back Your Beer Habits This Winter

There are definitely known benefits to getting just a little bit tipsy when the weather turns colder (notable, the boozy "blanket"), but another health study gives us yet another reason to... read more

German Brewing Company Denied ‘Duff Beer’ Trademark

On Thursday, a popular German brewing company that gets its notoriety from Homer Simpson’s favorite beer was denied the sole right of producing Duff beer. The company, Duff Beer UG, fought to... read more

Beer Review: Weyerbacher Winter Ale

In contrast to the Easton, PA brewery's usual (and esteemed) portfolio of high-alcohol, flavor-packed beers, Weyerbacher Winter Ale won’t make you blink. Landing at just 5.6% ABV, the... read more

Nine Beers No One is Drinking

24/7 Wall St. recently compiled a list of nine popular beers in the U.S. that have fallen by the wayside, and we were shocked at some of the classics that made the list. With new small-market,... read more