Of Course Will Ferrell Is Back in the Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Commercials

Just when you think the Will Ferrell/Old Milwaukee magic has gone, another ad hits the airwaves and makes you giggle, cringe, and wish Ferrell would show up in all of our beer commercials. ... read more

Judging the Food and Drink Super Bowl Commercials

Taco Bell
If you were watching the Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl last night, we don't blame you (puppies vs. Superdome power #fail? No brainer). But since we know some of the Super Bowl fun is... read more

Brewery Uses Beer for Power (Imagine That)

Let's break this down: A brewery needs power to make beer, so the brewery uses beer to power making beer... mind = blown.  A new profile from the Associated Press highlights the new... read more

Beer Can Camera Takes 6-Month-Long Photo of the Sky

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5 Beer Facts About Super Bowl XLVII

It's only days until the long-awaited holiday for beer lovers — we mean, football lovers — Super Bowl Sunday. And this year's Super Bowl facts reveal just how much beer... read more

US Stops Budweiser, Corona From Joining Forces, Becoming Beer Behemoth

Bud Light
We always knew that Anheuser-Busch InBev had a monopoly when it came to booze (we mean, it owns Budweiser... which sponsors the Super Bowl... ), but it turns out that InBev has some bigger plans.... read more

Winter Drinking Essentials: The Drinkmaster Hoodie

Relaxing outdoors and having a few drinks with friends is one of the finest pleasures known to those who indulge, but during winter in the U.S., chances for doing this plummet drastically. Even going... read more

The Craft Beer Super Bowl Is Officially On: Flying Dog Versus Anchor Brewing

Everyone's placing their bets on the outcome of this year's Super Bowl — and the only thing more hotly contested than a football rivalry is a brewery rivalry.  The Associated... read more