President Obama's Beer Sold for $1,200 at Charity Auction

We guess that people are still really, really interested in getting a taste of President Obama's Honey Ale: one report now shows that a group of Minnesotans paid $1,200 for a single bottle.... read more

Travel Channel Makes a Fool of Itself at Bourdain Show's Expense

The French drink wine, the Brazilians drink cachaça, and the Irish drink Guinness. Of course they all drink other things as well, but in the case of Ireland, Guinness is — as it has long... read more

Anheuser-Busch's Hipster Beer Will Make Its Debut at Super Bowl XLVII

Remember that hipster, craft beer experiment Anheuser-Busch did with its Project 12 beers? And the ultimate winning recipe of the Project 12 brews, the Budweiser Black Crown? Now, it's being... read more

Buy Some Dawg Grog, Beer for Your Beagle

Dawg Grog
This might just sound like an episode of Portlandia, but this isn't a spoof. Dog lover and Boneyard Brewery worker Daniel Keeton in Bend, Ore., really wanted to have a beer with his dog Lola Jane... read more

Beer Review: Half Acre Daisy Cutter

Perhaps I am alone in being a little tired of over-the-top IPAs. Of late I have really preferred my hoppy beers in the style of an American pale ale, a style that is lighter in color, body, and... read more

Inmates Sue Beer Companies, Blame Crimes on Alcohol

Although we may blame booze for several bad decisions on a Friday night, we would hardly think to sue beer companies for those mistakes. Five Idaho inmates, however, have drafted a lawsuit against... read more

Your Boozed-Up Pizza Craving, Explained

Pizza and Beer
Pizza and beer will always go together, but why does a night of drinking tend to end up with 2 a.m. cheese slices? PopSci examined the link between alcohol and fatty foods, finding explanations in... read more

11,000-Year-Old Beer Breweries Discovered

That 3,000-year-old wine has got nothing on this; archaeologists have discovered 11,000-year-old beer-brewing troughs at a feasting site in Turkey, called Göbekli Tepe. The findings,... read more