#2 Roasted Cauliflower — No. 7 Sub, Brooklyn, N.Y. from America’s Best New Sandwiches of 2012 Slideshow

America’s Best New Sandwiches of 2012 Slideshow

Brendan Spiegel
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#1 Irish Breakfast Sandwich — Beachside, San Francisco

When it comes to outrageously meaty meals, it’s hard to beat a full Irish breakfast, which always must include thick slabs of salty bacon, savory Irish sausages, and circular slices of black (blood) pudding and white (oatmeal-pork fat) pudding. But what if you put all of those ingredients on a sandwich? Clearly, it would be unbeatable. Beachside's sandwich has all of those porky products, plus a fried egg and slice of grilled tomato, only slightly fancied up with a thin layer of garlic aioli spread on the crispy bread, and a house-made, tamarind-spiked "brown sauce" on the side for dipping.