AMC Loews Brick Plaza 10

Row 1

3 Brick Plaza
Brick Township, NJ 08723
(732) 262-1545
Cineplex, Movie Theater, Indie Movies

Foursquare Tips

  • Marquee is still the best...Brick's glory days are gone
  • This theatre has seen better days. Broken, uncomfortable seats, only 2 restrooms, noisy, dirty--just go to Marquee. It's worth the drive.
  • This place smells...
  • Be careful
  • Join their club. Great perks for every $100 you spend (2 movies + refreshments now a days)
  • The chances of having an obnoxious, inconsiderate, and flat out rude person sitting behind you in this theater is 96%... (c'mon-this IS the Jersey Shore for godsakes)
  • Upon arriving, my guests and I were greeted by old popcorn on the ground, sticky floors, over-priced movie tickets, bathrooms that smell, and I'm almost certain that I got lice from the seats.
  • Theater 9 smells like a Port-O~Potty... Seats are gross and uncomfortable and floors are sticky... Welcome to AMC in Brick!!!
  • They need to upgrade into a dine-in AMC with stadium seating.
  • Don't go to theater 1 in here .... smells reallllllllllllly bad like moldy cum :( sorry but yes that bad.
  • Never coming back here.
  • Tranformers! Sick!!!!!!
  • Have some popcorn for me!
  • Awesome reclining seats since the renovation. Used to be very dirty but now I would totally recommend.
  • They are in the process of updating all theatres! Do not go to Marquee! They have home theatre type reclining seats that are so comfy. Updated Coke/Water machine with add in flavors can't be beat!
  • Not a bad theater. They don't have stadium seating though
  • The 1990's called, it wants it's movie theatre back. Need major upgrades, doesn't even have stadium seating.
  • First time here and def will be last
  • We're at AMC for the simple fact that we have gift cards ... This chain has gone downhill so much ... MARQUEE for me!
  • Skip the hot dogs. Blecch.