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9 Drinks Made Just for the Ladies Slideshow

Molson Coors
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Animée Beer

To look at Animée, Molson Coors' new beer targeted at women, you'd think it's as if we weren't in the midst of a golden age of beer drinking. The UK brewing giant apparently spent two and a half years and £1 million on research developing the new "less gassy and ligther-tasting" brews. The line of low-alcohol beers (only 4 percent ABV) come stylishly packaged and are available in three flavors: clear filtered, crisp rosé, and zesty lemon. Whether such drinks succeed in changing the drinking habits of the reported 79 percent of British women who rarely or never drink beer remains to be seen. Meanwhile, state-side, MillerCoors has discontinued its female-targeted MGD64 Lemonade.