Cocktail Pairings from 8 Tips to Achieving a Unique Soirée Slideshow

8 Tips to Achieving a Unique Soirée Slideshow

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Cocktail Pairings

New Yorkers are concerned about having an event that feels unique and unlike any other New York event they have attended, so consequently we have done untold numbers of events with tweaks and twists to give them a special feel and set them apart from other local events. One thing we have been doing is cocktail pairing, much the same way as wine is paired to each course. It’s distinctive, a fun way to dine, and can be a great way to incorporate some interesting and beautiful glassware. Pairing can be as simple as matching cuisine elements with spirit origins, such as  sake-based cocktails with Japanese cuisine, tequila with any Mexican-inspired meal, and brandy cocktails with French gastronomy, or, one can highlight flavors by contrast, pairing things like a spicy Asian entrée with a light, airy, refreshing cocktail. Even a wine spritzer can work beautifully!

The most successful pairings are also the ones that feel the most logical: a dry gin-based cocktail with meats, vodka-based cocktails with poultry, and sweeter ones (think French martini) for desserts.