Bushmills from 8 Irish Whiskies Beyond Jameson Slideshow

8 Irish Whiskies Beyond Jameson Slideshow

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Bushmill's, the biggest Irish whiskey you've never heard of, is as standard an Irish whiskey as you can get. Bushmills is triple distilled in pot stills from an un-peated malted barley mash, a typical mix you'll find in an Irish whiskey. And like most Irish whiskies, Bushmill's offers a range of blended and single malt whiskies for everyone. While the standard Bushmill's is as close to a Jameson as you can get, the other offerings are what gets everyone excited.The Bushmill's Black is aged in bourbon and sherry casks for a blast of velvety fruit notes, while the 10-year old has a lighter fruit taste and is the easy drinker of the bunch. The 21-year old malt takes the sherry and bourbon-aged whiskies and blends the malts in a madeira-infused cask for a truly unique whiskey, with dark chocolate and toffee notes.