8 Great Thanksgiving Toasts for Every Family

No matter what your family’s style is, we found a great toast for Thanksgiving dinner


Give a successful toast at any Thanksgiving table!

As the host of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, we know that you already have a lot on your plate. You’ve spent days planning and shopping and hours cooking, baking, and preparing to host everyone at your home. When you host a holiday like Thanksgiving, you are taking on the responsibility of not only providing the meal, but providing the atmosphere as well. That means that everything from organically starting a conversation to mediating a tense situation falls under your responsibility. One way to set the tone of the meal is to begin the dinner with a toast that can perfectly set the mood.

Click here for the 8 Great Thanksgiving Toasts for Every Family (Slideshow)

But knowing exactly what to say can be a challenge. The first step in giving a great toast is identifying your audience. Are the people at your table very religious? Are they more easygoing? Do they simply just love food? Targeting the audience will help you feel more confident in what you have to say. Once you know who you’re talking to, you have to find the right words to say. That is exactly where we come in. 

We found eight great toasts for almost every type of family that will make you look like even more of a rock-star host. These toasts, both simple and powerful, are great launch pads to open up an original speech or are great enough to stand on their own. As you baste the turkey, try and repeat any of these words to prep for a toast no one will be able to forget!

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