7 Tips for Hosting an Award Winning Dinner

Get glamorous with these swanky tips
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Fancy Oscar Dinner


Blow guests away with these helpful tips.

A viewing party for the Oscars calls for an Academy Award-winning dinner that will look and feel as exclusive as those star-studded, post-event parties. For those planning on hosting a chic and stylish soirée for friends or family, we have enlisted the help of Julie Sawitz, director of private events at 21 Club, to provide tips on bringing the glitz, glamour and excitement of Hollywood into the luxury of your own home.

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The '21' Club is rich in history, from surviving the prohibition era to acting as a backdrop for multiple Oscar Winning films since the 1950s including All About Eve, Wall Street and One Fine Day. Some notable scenes include the moment in Wall Street when stockbroker Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) gets a taste of the high life and steak tartare, which was filmed in the restaurant's famous Bar Room, as well as a scene in One Fine Day when Michelle Pfeiffer's character has drinks with clients in the Lounge.

With her tenure of twenty-one years at '21', Sawitz has certainly spent a lot of time with Hollywood's biggest celebrities. In the private dining rooms at '21', Julie has planned premieres and screenings for some of Hollywood's top Oscar-nominated and winning films such as The Town, Black Swan, The Descendants, Zero Dark Thirty, Wolf of Wall Street, and 12 Years A Slave. In addition, she has planned the East Coast Academy Award screening gala for the Academy of Arts and Sciences at '21'. Who better to offer up menu suggestions, décor ideas, and party games to ensure that your party goes off with a bang?  

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