7 Food Philosophies Only Californians Understand

Californians live by these philosophies on food
Sandy s’mores are something we learn to cope with at a bonfire.

1. It’s acceptable to eat a burrito for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… or for dessert… or as a midnight snack. Whenever we want one, really.

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2. An In ‘N Out burger is the Jesus of fast food burgers. And don’t you dare try to tell us your burger chain is better. Have you never heard of Animal Style?

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3. Boba tea (not Bubble Tea) is to Californians as coffee is to New Yorkers. We’re addicted. We NEED it.

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4. California avocados are superior. They just taste way better. Accept it.

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5. Sandy s’mores are something we learn to cope with at a bonfire. We pick it up and we move on.

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6. We did frozen yogurt way before you did. And Golden Spoon is the best frozen yogurt in the world.

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7. One should never eat the turkey leg at Disneyland. Nobody wants to be that guy eating a turkey leg that’s as big as a baby.

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