6 Things You Should Never Buy from Trader Joe’s

We know it is hard to believe, but there are some things you should skip over at Trader Joe’s

T.J.’S Worst Buys
Don’t spend the money on these products.

Cookie Butter

Ok, ok. We know it is delicious. We know it makes all of our taste buds’ dreams come true. However, it is extremely caloric and is totally an extreme indulgence. For your health’s sake, it is worth the skip.

cookie butter



Not only is the selection of produce sometimes wonky, Trader Joe’s has come under harsh criticism from environmentalists for the way their produce is packaged and shipped. Think tons of unnecessary plastic.




Compared to the dumplings you can find from authentic ethnic restaurants, these pale in comparison. Not only is the size way off, but you’ll definitely spend more money than necessary on them.

Pork Dumplings


Turkey “Meatloaf Muffins”

Trust us, they are just EW.


(What’s Good at Trader Joe’s)


Meh, Trader Joe’s alarmingly cheap prices on sushi should be the tip off. Not only is it stuffed with imitation meat, but the rice used has been described as “slimy.”



Two Buck Chuck

Wine enthusiasts are not impressed by this bargain wine at all. First of all, it now costs $2.49 to $3.79, depending on location — and experts feel you can get wine that tastes lots better for not much more elsewhere.  

trader joe's


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The green tea mints in a cute metal box at the checkout smell like goldfish food and taste vile.


"Wine enthusiasts" don't like a two dollar wine??? OH NOES!


Their dairy products are often moldy or spoiled. Frozen foods sitting out on carts waiting to be placed in freezer is common and they are defrosted by the time an employee gets around to placing the item in the freezer. I've seen this happen for years and the food sometimes sits out for an hour.


I disagree about the cookie butter! Its not like its being eaten every day...so why not have a go at it!


Most annoying site on the internet: You get the award. Juvenile articles and lists. Don't buy this, Don't do that. This should be on your own list of 6 articles you shouldn't read today.


As a consistent shopper/consumer at TJ….I agree about the Turkey Meatloaf muffins …and the sushi. But it;s still a great store!!!!


Since when is 'wonky' a suitable term for a critique..?? Sounds like you're not old enough to even drink ..t.j.,s Wine is fine..your opinions are not.


To say you do not recommend Charles Shaw wines is to be snobbish. We had a wine expert test against more expensive labels, and he couldn't tell which was which. Not even once. Stick with Two Buck Chuck, enjoy good wine and save a bundle, even at $3.79.


Absolutely true! 3-buck Chuck is my house wine. I might splurge little when company comes or I might just serve them this. I've never had any complaints.


This is all your opinion, nothing factual, like the dumplings have 3 billion grams of fat. Wasted five minutes reading this and 90 seconds telling you so


The people that write these articles don't have a clue and probably don't care. It's all about getting you to look at crappy ads.


pullleeesee! How can you put produce on this list. Compared to what? Other companies that charge twice as much and do the same thing? Produce is one of the things I always buy, and will, here... and wow I have to watch an ad to post a comment ... ridiculous


YOU HAVE WAY TOO MANY ADS! Annoying to read an article on here.


get ad blocker then.


The 2 Buck Chuck chard won the varietal competition in a blind tasting at the CA State Fair about 8 yeats ago, and because they buy from all over the state they produce through blending a consistant product no matter the year. While it's true that some varietals are wanting, this one is my evrryday white, and has ben for years.

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