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Burn - Liquid

What it Is: You can burn more than just your food in the kitchen, and one of the most common kitchen injuries is damage to the skin from hot liquids such as hot water, grease, or others substances.

How to Prevent It: Caution is the best practice for avoiding burns. Always be aware if a hot substance is around, and keep the flame at a reasonable level to avoid splatter burns when frying food.

How to Treat It: Whenever you burn yourself, run your injury under cold water for as long as possible. The cold water cools the skin and stops the burning from causing more damage to the skin tissues. Harder burns to treat are grease burns, because they can be hotter than water, and other liquids such as caramelized sugar, because they stick to your skin and are harder to remove. Dr. Renk says that if there's no open blisters or wounds, you can probably avoid a doctor's visit, but make sure to treat it with ice and Neosporin. Remember to keep the wound clean and to change your dressings regularly in order to avoid infection.