50 Best Tacos in America (Slideshow)

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48) Mariscos El Pulpo, San Diego: Pulpo Ajillo

When the name of the restaurant is Spanish for “octopus,” you know that the pulpo served there is going to be good, and this hidden-in-plain-sight San Diego gem is a winner. There are three octopus tacos on the menu: one sautéed in garlic butter (mojo de ajo), one in a house chili sauce (enchilada) and the third in a garlic and ancho chile butter (ajillo). Go for the ajillo; tender chunks of octopus are slathered in the most flavorful butter imaginable, topped with a sprinkling of cilantro and onion. If you weren’t a fan of octopus before trying this, you will be once you do. 

Yelp/ CCK