The 5 Craziest McDonald’s Pies

Much more than just apple

McDonald's Taro Pie
The Taro Pie is one of McDonald's craziest.

Major fast-food chains have global reach, and in most cases they tailor their menus to incorporate local tastes and cultures. In Japan, for example, Burger King sells a Premium Black Kuro Burger with squid ink-flavored ketchup, and in India, where a large percentage of the population doesn’t eat beef, McDonald’s sells the Maharaja Mac, which replaces the beef patties with chicken.

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And while it makes perfect sense to sell sandwiches and burgers tailored to the local audience, it might not be obvious that desserts also get the global treatment. In honor of National Pie Day, we’re taking a look at five of the craziest McDonald’s pies from around the world.

For our list, we chose the ones that are legitimately flabbergasting. Who would have thought that in Japan pies would be filled with mashed potatoes and bacon? That’s certainly bridging the snack/dessert divide. And while cherry, chocolate, lemon, peach, strawberry, and pineapple pies all grace McDonald’s menus somewhere on Earth, they’re just not as jaw-droppingly surprising to encounter.

While every McDonald’s location sells the classic apple pie, which was first introduced by Knoxville owner/operator Litton Cochran in 1968, offerings in some countries are truly unique (you can find photos of some of their crazier offerings on their Flickr and Pinterest pages). In Latin America alone, for example, you’ll find a chocolate mousse, banana, passion fruit, and chocolate-filled "Brigadeiro" pie. But the craziest of all? Why, that would have to be the one filled with sweet cheese, of course.

Read on for the craziest pies you’ll find on a global tour of McDonald’s. 

Dan Myers is the Eat/Dine Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @sirmyers.

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kwaiya's picture

The taro pie seems... interesting. The cheese pie doesn't look too bad!
The slide-show is incorrect, the sweet potato pie IS served in the Southern US. I'm from Mississippi and many people were glad they were serving them again for the holidays.

fotopro's picture

Had the taro pie in Kahului, Maui. Not bad, not as sweet as the article makes it out to be. I was kind of "meh" about it, but my wife loved it.

Gamma22's picture

Back when McDonald's was young (you could buy a meal and get change back from your dollar), I worked there for a few months after I graduated from high school. And the "powers that be" had this thought that apparently offering an apple pie for dessert just want enough. ANOTHER flavor of pie was added, it was essentially fruit cocktail in a fried crust, and actually quite good, but I think the name of the pie was the downfall: Great Fruit Pie. And with all the noise going on inside ANY McDonald's restaurant, it was often misheard as "Grapefruit Pie", and nobody wanted it, not even after careful enunciation and an explanation of the actual filling. I don't think it even lasted a year.

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