The 25 Best Craft Breweries in America

You told us, we listened: your picks for who's making the best craft beer

Great Divide Brewing Company
Craft beer was barely a term 30 years ago; since then, the phrase has been uttered by everyone from beer aficionados to the average Joe. Everyone’s talking about it, and everyone wants in on it.

There’s that moment when you try a better beer, a beer that’s not your average Coors/Bud/Pabst, and you’re hooked. Not everyone may remember exactly where, or when. You may not even remember what beer it was. But much like a 1-year old who tries his first bite of birthday cake and has his first real taste of sugar, you know you’re never going back to that other beer again.

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Craft beer was barely a term 30 years ago; since then, the phrase has been uttered by everyone from beer aficionados to the average Joe. Everyone’s talking about it, and everyone wants in on it. (We're looking at you, Budweiser Black Crown.) And everyone has a favorite.

We couldn’t have found more variation when we began to survey our craft beer experts and readers about who they think deserves to be called the "best" craft brewery in America. We asked some of the country’s leading craft beer experts (can we have that job?) for their suggestions of which breweries they thought were among the best in the country. Their nominations included breweries of all sizes, regions, and styles. After all, narrowing down a list of 2,538-plus breweries (the latest numbers from the Brewer's Association) to a mere top three nominations is no easy feat. After we picked through the 72 nominees we received, we put the vote to you, the readers. Thanks to you and the support of these outstanding 72 nominees — who cast more than 11,500 votes — we got our list of the best craft breweries in America.

Granted, as we mulled over our top picks, there was one clear theme — there’s a difference between what’s called "the best," and those that are "beloved." After all, there’s plenty of subjectiveness in picking a craft beer you know you should love, and one you should try. As an editor who’s often tasked to try new craft brews (rough job, I know), there are plenty of times that I end up ordering my standard brew when out at a bar — not because it’s the best beer on tap, but because I know I’ll like it, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

But as we talked with our experts and readers about these breweries, we found that there is an intersection of best and beloved. These are the breweries that produced a better product, and then found their fan base (and judging by our responses, these breweries sure have some fan girls and boys). As Tristan Chan, co-founder of the craft beer enthusiast website Porch Drinking noted, there’s much to consider when narrowing down the great craft breweries from the pack: solid flagship beers, interesting new styles and seasonal beers, as well as the business of design, marketing, and fan base-building. "It’s still kind of subjective," he says. "But the breweries that are really successful and thriving have incorporated a lot of those elements" into their business. 

What’s perhaps most remarkable about this list, however, is the small amount of beer that these 25 craft breweries produce in the "beerscape" of America. Let's break down the math: hot off the presses from the Brewer's Association, the 2013 stats show that 7.3 million barrels of beer were sold by independent and small craft brewers during the first half of the year, up from 6.4 million barrels in 2012. Sounds like a big number, right? But in comparison to the total amount of beer sold in the U.S., from brewers large and small, craft beer is still a small piece of the beer market. In 2012, a staggering 141.4 million barrels were sold from all brewers. Six million compared to 141 million? That's just a bite of the pie. One of these breweries in our top 25 ranks number five on the best-selling breweries of 2012 list, after Anheuser-Busch,  MillerCoors, Pabst Brewing Co., and D. G. Yuengling and Son Inc. That number five brewery (we won’t tell you who!), arguably the biggest craft brewery in the U.S., capitalizes on just 1 percent of the overall beer market.

Do we find it discouraging to see the Davids of the beer world struggling to overtake the Goliaths? Hardly. While we may never escape the Bud Light and Coors Light taps at the bar, we’re finding new small-production craft breweries every year that challenge the normal. That means new beer styles, well-above-average flagship beers, and a dedication to the craft of making beer. And hey, whoever said bigger is better hasn’t tried a craft beer from the "little guys" of beer. The craft beer movement "has forced breweries to step up," says Chan. "The public is taking hold of this movement — I don’t think we’re anywhere near oversaturation." "Craft beer doesn’t get enough credit for the innovation and reinvention brewers are displaying every day," says Tom Rotunno," senior editor for CNBC TV and beer blogger for "It’s impossible to be bored." 

We’re excited to toast the craft breweries that are changing the way we enjoy a cold one — the ones both the experts and readers agree deserve to be recognized. After all, as Chan noted, no one gets into the craft brewing business for the money. Despite the long hours, the grueling work, and the task of starting a business from the ground up, these guys do it to make you a better beer. And for that, we can’t thank them enough.

Not seeing your favorite brewery on the list? Tell us your favorites. "This is one of the best times to be a beer drinker," Rotunno says. "As this contest shows, while it’s fun to discuss, it’s impossible to choose 'the best brewery in the U.S,' and the best part is consumers never have to make that choice. No matter where you live in the U.S. there are great local craft beers to choose from."

With research and reporting from Madeline Monaco, Kristin Salaky, and Emily Sundberg

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I get most breweries on the list, except for Cigar City and Boulevard. Boulevard 10 years ago was a dull brewery, better now they learned from other's innovation. Cigar City didn't even rate a search result for Tampa breweries 8 years ago (only Old Florida Brewing). Anchor Steam and Fritz Maytag should be higher just because... nuf said, honestly same with SA, they spent the money to make craft brew a household term. All breweries that put out an anniversary brew owe Firestone for arguably raising that standard (as well as the special release idea). Portland, I love Rogue but I have trouble arguing against Hair of the Dog (don't love them but jimminy they've put some BIG lip melting beer out for a long time) and especially Deschutes, BridgePort, Full Sail, Breckenridge, Left Hand, Steelhead. I 'd love to go to the Oregon v Colorado cage match. My home CA has to sit and watch. Other's mention a lot of quality breweries, but we're talking top 25 here and honestly FEW breweries started after 2000 qualify. Coming from a guy who back in the day brought home a MINIMUM of a case and a half ON the plane when traveling.


Wow. not one brewery from VT made the list which is odd considering how many great breweries exist there. Most notable is Switchback brewery but if you're going to include San Adams, you should have included Harpoon instead.


You also omitted Captain Lawrence Brewery of Elmsford, NY. It's small (gee, that fits craft brewing, doesn't it?) but delicious! I mean, REALLY - Sam Adams? It's a megalopolis brewery now!!! So are some of the others! Let's look to the little guy!!


Diamond Bear Brewery, Little Rock, Arkansas. Their Pale Ale and Two-Term IPA are absolutely wonderful. Pale Ale has won gold medals in international competitions.


No Half Acre or Revolution from Chicago? List is not complete!


No way Russian River is only #9, it has some of the best beer in the country. Just going by beer advocate it has 5 beer in the top 75 in the world. Two beers in top 5, 4 in in top 25. I know one thing for sure its beer are in a different universe to Lagunitas.


Glad to see Bells, but there was a LOT left off the list. Most notably, Empyrean out of Lincoln Nebraska. And Shiner (the best Texas brew).


How could you leave out Rahr Brewery in Fort Worth Texas?


Portland is Beervana. So where are the beers? So many awesome beers and ales in the Pacific Northwest, and while Rogue is really good, it seems like your writers went with geographic distribution tied to population centers, rather than overall best. Local NW faves for IPA's include Terminal Gravity, Double Mountain, Ft George, Deschutes, Red Hook, and about 20 more I can't think of right now.


Um, Rogue is in Newport, Oregon which isn't all that close to Portland unless you live in New York. And Portland has plenty of good breweries as well.


Other than Rogue I see none from the Pacific Northwest where the HOP Craze started, yes folks over 20 years ago. I know there are great breweries all over, though to me Sierra Nevada should rank in the top 3 as they brew the standard for an American Pale Ale. Little brewhouses are sprouting up everywhere, and making a bunch of different styles. Some good and some not so good. In Missoula Montana there is a brewery called the Draught House and they must brew 10 styles of beer, wonder what their flagship beer is because I was disappointed with their Pale ale. Brewing copious quantities of styles of beer does not mean they are all good :). Next week I will be spending another week in Montana gonna find the smaller batch breweries and find me some undiscovered tasty hoppy beers can't wait.


Good list and I have visited or partaken most of these fine brewhouses. I was particularly disappointed to see Ballast Point Brewery overlooked on this list, which leads me to question the list's integrity as a whole. One of the finest breweries in the new craft beer capital (San Diego) and having their Sculpin ranked number 5 on the AHA top beer list, an overlook of this level is unforgivable. Good attempt but no cigar.


did you guys even stop in eastern Colorado? Seems like you just mailed it in; there are at least 10 other places that should have been on the list. My brother & I have a tour deal here--we get to see most of the newer places as they open, which seem to be about 1 new one a week


personally, I find it hard to believe these people even visited eastern Colorado.i saw (if I remember right) 5 Colorado breweries listed here. there are at least another 10 right here between Denver-Boulder-Ft Collins that should be on this list, some of them even better than those listed. My brother & I run a tour deal here-we will take you anywhere in our area, so we see most of the newer places as they open

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