15 Percent of Americans on Food Stamps and More News

In today's Media Mix, a 'Book of Mormon' menu, plus McDonald's may be selling music abroad
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news in the food world.

More Americans on Food Stamps: While the unemployment rate has gone down, the Labor Department announced that about 15 percent of Americans, or 22.4 million households, are in the SNAP program. Oh, snap. [CNBC]

Book of Mormon Menu Hits Los Angeles: In honor of the musical's arrival in Los Angeles, Wood & Vine is launching a theater prix fixe menu, complete with a Respect Your Elder-flower cocktail and a Latter-Day Night Fever cocktail. [LA Times]

McDonald's May Sell Exclusive Music Abroad: Pakistani rock band JoSH has struck a deal with McDonald's for their album to be sold exclusively to McDonald's in Pakistan, where every super-sized grand chicken burger order comes with a copy of their new album. Walmart and Target missed out. [Forbes]

Potty-Training in Restaurants: People might have varying opinions on breast-feeding in public, but potty-training in public (especially in a restaurant) is probably universally regarded as disgusting. [Huff Po]

OpenTable Meets 15 Million Reviews: The restaurant reservation website hit 15 million user-generated reviews this week. [PR Newswire]

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