23 Tips All Home Cooks Should Know Slideshow

Toasting Grains
What to Bring to a Boil and What to Put Into Boiling Water
Know Your Oven
Have a Cool Spot on Your Grill
Make Sure to Get Your Pan Hot Enough
Rest Meat After Cooking
Apply Sweet and Sugary Marinades at the End of Grilling
Know How Long It Takes to Actually Caramelize Onions
Don’t Overhandle Meat
Buy Quality Ingredients
Avoid Refrigerating Berries
Avoid Cold Cheese
Setting Down the Pans
Juicing Citrus
Stop Avocados From Browning
Finish It in the Oven
Oversalting Food
Storing Herbs
Cracking Eggs
When Dealing with Dough
Salt Your Food
Don’t Overcrowd the Pan
Don’t Cook Cold Meat or Fish