101 Best Food Trucks in America 2012

Trucks across the US worth waiting in line at for a meal worthy of eating standing up

101 Best Food Trucks in America
A shrimp po'boy from Los Angeles' LudoTruck, manned by French chef Ludo Lefebvre, just one of the tasty dishes on the offer at the greatest food trucks in America.

#50 Dim Ssäm à gogo by Sakaya Kitche (Miami)
#49 Pepe Food Truck (Washington, D.C.)
#48 Crêpes Bonaparte (Los Angeles)    
#47 The Grilled Cheeserie (Nashville, Tenn.)
#46 El Camión (Seattle)          
#45 Fivetenburger (Oakland, Calif.)
#44 Vizzi Truck (Los Angeles)
#43 Komodo Truck (Los Angeles)
#42 Nom Nom Truck (Los Angeles)
#41 Luke's Lobster (New York City)
#40 Señor Sisig (San Francisco)
#39 Clover Food Truck (Boston)
#38 Food Shark (Marfa, Texas)
#37 Country Boys/Martinez Taco (New York City)
#36 Fry Smith (Los Angeles)
#35 Coreanos (Austin)
#34 Staff Meal (Boston)
#33 Lobsta Truck (Los Angeles)
#32 Smack Shack (Minneapolis)
#31 Guerrilla Street Food (St. Louis)

#30 Korilla BBQ (New York City)
#29 Chairman Bao Bun Truck (San Francisco)
#28 Schnitzel & Things (New York City)
#27 LudoTruck (Los Angeles)
#26 Spencer on the Go (San Francisco)
#25 Basil Thyme (Washington, D.C.)
#24 Baby's Badass Burgers (Los Angeles)
#23 Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie (San Francisco)
#22 Bernie's Burger Bus (Houston)
#21 Maximus/Minimus (Seattle)
#20 The Cinnamon Snail (New York City)
#19 Fukuburger Truck (Las Vegas)
#18 Red Hook Lobster Truck (Washington, D.C.)
#17 Where Ya At Matt? (Seattle)
#16 The Buttermilk Truck (Los Angeles)
#15 Jogasaki Truck (Los Angeles)
#14 Wafels & Dinges (New York City)
#13 Sam's ChowderMobile (San Francisco)
#12 India Jones Chow Truck (Los Angeles)
#11 Red Hook Lobster Pound (New York City)
#10 Chef Shack (Minneapolis)
#9 The Grilled Cheese Truck (Los Angeles)
#8 Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Chees (Boston)
#7 The Lime Truck (Orange County, Calif.)
#6 Hapa SF (San Francisco)
#5 Grill 'Em All (Los Angeles)
#4 Border Grill (Los Angeles) 
#3 Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (New York City)
#2 Fojol Brothers (Washington, D.C.)
#1 Kogi BBQ (Los Angeles)

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Colman Andrews and Nina Fomufod contributed reporting.

Follow The Daily Meal's executive editor Arthur Bovino on Twitter. His nostalgia pick for best food truck is New York's El Idolo.

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How is The Mighty Cone on this list? They are a stationary trailer that serves in the same location every single day.

Can you guys do a list next year where you personally vet every single truck on your list? I'd like to see who makes the cut based on personal tasting experience.


Have you heard of 2 Fat 2 Fly Wings? They're a food truck in Columbia, SC that stuff their wings full of different flavors/foods. I just had Mac n Cheese stuffed wings this weekend. YUM!

On Twitter: @2Fat2FlyWINGS


Wow, we’re so honored to be part of this amazing list! THANK YOU to The Daily Meal and thanks to everyone who voted. It’s good to see so many of our LA friends are included on the list too.

Diggity D's picture

Thank you so much for including us on the list!! The picture is wrong, but here is a link so you can see our blue beauty! http://www.facebook.com/diggity.doughnuts/photos

Gelatoologist's picture

You forgot Urban Nomad in Seattle~" The Pasta Master". Only pasta truck in Seattle. All pasta made from an old Italian brass cutting machine. Meatballs to die for, Alfrado's are a pimped-up Mac and cheese, sausage ragu~ all made to order~ incredible!! The truck and crew are all about HOSPITALITY!! something that is really missing in general! BIG LOVE ~ Ciao

Arthur Bovino's picturetdm-35-icon.png

Love all these great suggestions! Vote and write in your favorites if you think we missed them!

Koele's picture

Aloha! You missed the boat by not including the 50th state. Camille's on Wheels is just the most amazing truck. From the beautifully appointed design and colors to the fabulous food she creates. This is not a completely accurate title when all states were not represented and some more than once. Come on out and try her! You'll be glad you did!

Arthur Bovino's picturetdm-35-icon.png

Aloha! Think we missed a great truck? Vote in the survey and write it in!

Food Fort's picture

Hawaii is / was a pioneer in mobile......so two Food Truck meccas overlooked. We look forward to Columbus and Hawaii being added in to the revised list.....top 110 Food Trucks of 2012.

Arthur Bovino's picturetdm-35-icon.png

Ha! Fair enough... so vote in the survey and write your favorite trucks in!

amydeveau's picture

Just an FYI, #33 on the list is Lobsta Truck in LA, but the picture is actually the Lobsta Love Truck from Boston.

AllACart's picture

Not one truck from Columbus, Ohio? To name a few: Ajumama, Schmidt's Sausage Haus, Cedar Point Amusement Park, the list goes on and on. I am sure Columbus, Ohio could have their own top 101 list...please keep us in mind next time.

Food Fort's picture

Yeah - what ALL A Cart said..... Come to Columbus and we will give you a tour of our 150 + mobile vendors. Including Los Guachos from Maxim Magazine and other top 10 lists.

Food Fort's picture

Major oversite on the list. And no disrespect to the 101 great vendors on here - but how can you overlook Columbus one of the 10 largest food truck communities in the country? We nominate Ray Ray's Hog Pit, That Food Truck, Swoop, Ajumama and Pitabilites to this list. Find out more about the Columbus Mobile Community at http://streeteatscolumbus.com

AllACart's picture

We agree with Food Fort...check out our mobile scene!

fukuburger's picture

What an honor to be on the list. Just got our city wrong. I used to live in DC but that's a long ways from where the truck is in Vegas. Haha!

fukuburger's picture

What an honor to be on the list. Just got our city wrong. I used to live in DC but that's a long ways from where the truck is in Vegas. Haha!

delilah's picture

You should add Manna From Heaven (Denver) to the list! They're the best food truck in Denver, Colorado.

Arthur Bovino's picturetdm-35-icon.png

No! YOU should add them by voting in our survey and writing Manna From Heaven in!

streetzapizza's picture

Thank you Daily Meal for including us on the list. We take great pride in making pizzas that Milwaukee loves. Next year look out Roy / Kogi, we'll be campaigning with our twitter followers to make us #1. ;) Much love from Milwaukee, Scott & Steve

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