10 Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen Slideshow

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1. "Mise" Your Kitchen

As Mark Scarbrough explains, a lot of people know about “mise-ing” their recipes (as in the term mise en place) by getting the ingredients ready ahead of time, but not a lot of people know about “mise-ing” their kitchen.

What does he mean by that? Bruce Weinstein explains that it means setting up your kitchen so that everything is within reach. The area where you do most of your prepping should have easy access to knives and measuring cups so that “you’re not digging around for what you need.” This means having wooden spoons near your stove, where you’ll use them, instead of across the kitchen in a drawer.

Though Weinstein admits it’s a constant struggle to keep an often-used kitchen in order, he says it will pay off in the long run to keep it organized and “mise-ed,” because you’ll be able to cook faster.