The 2011 Diddy Super Bowl Party from 10 Outrageous Super Bowl Parties Slideshow

10 Outrageous Super Bowl Parties Slideshow

Pete Souza/White House
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The 2011 White House Super Bowl Party

The most exclusive Super Bowl party in 2011 didn’t take place in Dallas. President Obama and first lady Michelle hosted members of his Cabinet and Congress along with pals from Chicago (plus J-Lo and Marc Anthony, says ABC News).

The 150 guests munched on a game-friendly menu of cold weather favorites like bratwurst, Buffalo wings, deep dish pizza, and beers from the home states of the two competing teams: Wisconsin's Hinterland Pale Ale and Amber Ale, and Pennsylvania's Yuengling Lager. Not to be outdone, the White House also served its signature Honey Ale. Yes, made from White House bees and brewed on the manse’s grounds.

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