Zainul Nasi Kandar

Malay, Food Court, Asian
$ $
Gerai No.90, Lorong Sultan
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46200


  • 1word= Legend!! No need to join long q, just take ur seat n order ur n.kandar 'peha besar' kuah asing, plus telur masin n begerdil will do.. Seat, eat n relax. Come early during lunch to avoid crowd.
  • Nothing can beat tis nasi kandar. I grew up in pj for 27 years now and its still taste the same.been to penang but their kuah kandaq really unbeatable.ask for kuah madu top on ur ayam goreng. Terbaik!
  • Ayam goreng the bomb! Crispy on the outside yet very soft inside... yummiliscious!!
  • Kalau nk makan plz sgt2 jgn masuk ruang kami nk menyediakan makanan sbb melambatkan kerja kami.kami seboleh2 nk mengurangkan org yg beratur.
  • BEST IN TOWN !! Awesome <3 Nasi kandar ayamPlease come early during lunch time to avoid crowd
  • Nasi kandar ayam separuh, kuah campur!! Best!!
  • Been eating since the stall under the tree nearby police station PJ new town. It tastes the same even today, in the year 2014. I love the taste..real nasik kandar
  • Pro-tip: Best eaten take-away. Gives time for the awesome curries to mix and be absorbed by the rice. *drool*
  • Kalu rasa papadom tu tak boleh abis... jgn tamak ambil 4 pinggan terus... pastu tak abis bazir... org lain pun nak mkn jugak. Bongok.
  • Great meal to kick start your day. Come as early as possible to taste the ayam goreng berasap. Parking free before 830am!
  • I came here based on Foursquare tips and never regretted. Good stuff
  • Theres two Zainul Nasi Kandar.. Zainul Generation Nasi Kandar is not the original shop. Dont get confused.
  • Apa yang special kat sini?
  • Nasik, Ayam Goreng, Togey, Kari campur Kuah Hitam... abis citer. MARVELLOUS!!! Kelazatannya sehingga menjilat ibu jari kaki.
  • lovely kitchen roof, no wonder sedap.. ho lioa!
  • The ayam goreng is awesome!!
  • Fried chicken here is worth fighting for.
  • For all out there, this is not authentic nasi kandar, this is more like padang style nasi kandar And one of the best that exists now. Must try
  • Sedap giler
  • A very good friend of mine brought me to this place and i was hooked ever since. I always get the fried chicken(half), sotong curry and begedil. Be prepared to feel sleepy and sluggish afterwards.

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