Yummy Taco

129 Church Ave (E 2nd St)
Brooklyn, NY 11218
(718) 431-8062


  • Better then taco bell
  • Best Chinese-Mexican in the neighborhood
  • Dont go! I wouldn't wish this upon you!
  • I usually take my food to go. I love their steak and chicken nachos
  • Every time I've been here it has served its purpose. Cheap, tasty food on the go!
  • They don't sell tacos that you'd find at a normal Mexican restaurant. ie: suadero, lengua or chorizo tacos. They sell freaking bean tacos..wtf? Where's the meat!? FYI, it's mainly a Chinese restaurant
  • Asian tex-mex with Asian flavors, in a bleh way
  • Admire the Bruce Lee wall hanging, the moving Welcome Cat, and the bizarrely complicated digital clock/calendar/"natural lamp picture" while eating a pretty decent quesadilla sincronizada.
  • You don't need to order a whole side of sour cream- they give you a few teensy ones.