Yours Truly

$ $
229 Ossington Ave (at Dundas St W)
Toronto, ON
(416) 533-2243


  • Tasting menu is super fun. You pick one item from each line and that is the main theme of the plate. These courses are also interspersed with yummy surprises. Unique and tasty experience.
  • Features a $45 meatatarian prix-fixe that changes daily and a full suite of sophisticated cocktails that will please any patron. A great dinner pick.
  • Johnny Mckraken cocktail tastes like those coke gummy candies from the convenience store. I hated those but love the drink! Just call me Johnny Mckraken.
  • The gnocchi is the lightest I've ever had.... Delicious
  • Service is slow but attentive and helpful. Get the tasting menu and enjoy.
  • P.S. why are there 5 people working FOH on plate night. Lots of standing around.
  • Try the Winter Batida cocktail. Gorgeous.
  • What does Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz and Rene Redzepi all have in common? Jeff Claudio. Take the tasting menu and take it often.
  • Everything is good but different every week - have the wine pairings
  • Very good 20 course tasting menu. Definitely want to go again.
  • 'Truly' one of the best dining experiences you can have in Toronto. The kitchen is as skilled as it is brave. Seasonal experimentation on this tasting menu will leave you breathless.
  • Johnny is a gracious bar manager... incredibly nice and will make whatever drink you please!
  • very interesting tasting menu that changes daily! share & try all items if possible!
  • Prix fix lix me balls
  • AMAZING FOOD! Really good tar tar beef... But don't come hungry. You'll be leaving for Hawker Bar as soon as dessert is over.
  • Great food and atmosphere. If you're not feeling hungry enough for a full tasting menu, try the salt cod or pork rillette from snack menu!!
  • Yeah, either have your full menu or don't bother. Waste of time.
  • Was excited to try. Unfortunately, service was bad. They asked us to wait until 10 and then you could only do small plates. And they asked us to wait in the vestibule citing that it was warm. Rude.

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