Your Vegan-Friendly Street Fair Menu


Street fairs are one of the best parts of summer, as city streets are shut down, the cabs and exhaust replaced with jewelry vendors, food carts and the mouthwatering aroma of slowly-cooked meats. As tempting as those smoky kebabs may be, there are plenty of vegan choices that even former president (and former burger-aficionado) Bill Clinton would definitely approve of.

If you're catching one of the last few festivals of the summer this weekend, bring along this meat-, dairy- and egg-free menu. Your heart will thank you.

The Drink: Lemonade

Parched? Grab a glass of ice cold lemonade. This thirst-quenching beverage is the perfect way to hydrate on a hot summer day, and provides a substantial amount of vitamin C. It also protects against adult asthma, says famed celebrity medical correspondent Dr. Oz, and has recently been found to significantly decrease the formation of kidney stones.

The Snack: Roasted Corn

Nothing says summer like corn on the cob. And how can you go wrong? Grilled, shucked and ready to eat, corn is one of the freshest foods at the fair. A large ear of corn has just 120 calories and about five grams of fiber. Just steer clear of the buttery dressing. Not only is it full of fat, but this milk-derived topping is also a vegan no-no.

The Meal: Falafel

Ok, so they're deep fried. But these balls of tightly packed ground garbanzo beans are also loaded with nutrients for your body. Chickpeas are an important source of protein for vegans, and contain high levels of calcium, iron and zinc. They also boast a healthy dose of tryptophan, the same sleep hormone found in turkey. If possible, ask for extra tomato slices, lettuce and pickled onions to add low-cal bulk to this Mediterranean sandwich. If you're watching your waistline, skip the fat-laden tahini dressing.