Your Plate Our Planet—Nobel Laureates Discuss Future of Food

Daniel Stein

Nobel Media AB and the Nobel Center Foundation is organizing the 2016 Nobel Week Dialogue on 9thDecember 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. The 2016 edition of the Nobel Week Dialogue is entitled, Your Plate. Our Planet: The Future of Food and hopes to cover a broad range of topics and questions related to healthy diet, food waste, alternative diets, and building sustainable food systems. The 2016 event will feature Nobel Laureates Muhammad Yunus, Elizabeth. H. Blackburn, Steven Chu, Agnus Deaton and other eminent researchers, thinkers, policy makers, journalists, including Marion Nestle, Isabella Lövin, and Patti Smith.

According to Mattias Fyrenius, CEO of Nobel Media AB, “we have been thinking about that topic for quite some time and food is the topic that never goes out of fashion, in a way. It is always extremely relevant for us.” He says, “It is very important from an individual nutrition perspective, important from a society and sustainability perspective, and also of course from a development perspective. How do we actually feed the 9 billion people in the world? We believe, that both where science is now and where we hope that society also is, we think that was an ideal topic for us to approach this year.”

Fryenius hopes that the Dialogue is not just for and by the academics and experts but more accessible to the general society. “The word dialogue is really key here. We want the dialogue on stage, we want the dialogue between the stage and the audience and we want the dialogue between the entire auditorium and the world outside. That is what we are trying to achieve,” states Fryenius.

Along with knowledge dissemination on the current food system and its future, the event also hopes to create awareness and interest in this topic across policymakers, businesses, and eaters. “If we can inspire people to act, that is our ultimate goal,” says Fryenius.

The entire event will be live streaming on their website.

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