In Your City with the Culinary Content Network

Our writers keep us up to date on urban happenings

Foodie Fresh dines out at The Roasting Company in Charlotte, N.C.

Our Culinary Content Network members are great resources for everything food and drink, and they're in tune with what’s going on across the country. Whether it’s on the West Coast in Los Angeles, or on the East Coast in New York City, our writers inspire and encourage us to get out and explore.

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This week’s roundup of blog posts includes several upcoming food- and drink-related events across the U.S., snapshots of recent excursions, and a list of Chicago’s year-round Ping-Pong-friendly bars. Bella Vivere and Gourmet Pigs keep us up to date on upcoming warm-weather festivals in Atlanta and LA, while Foodie Fresh gives us her review of a recent meal in Charlotte, N.C.

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So no matter what coast you’re on (or even if you’re somewhere in between), we encourage you to check out our writers’ most recent posts on happenings and outings. Who knows, they could even help you plan your next getaway…