You Won't Believe These Bizarre Fast-Food Chain Websites

What were they thinking?, run by McDonald's, “celebrates African-American culture and achievement every day of the year.”

Every fast-food chain has a website at this point, obviously. We pretty much know what to expect when we visit them: photos and info on all the menu offerings, a location finder, nutritional data, etc. But did you know that some chains also run other sub-websites, which in some cases are pretty bizarre?

You Won't Believe These Bizarre Fast-Food Chain Websites (Slideshow)

Chains have plenty of reasons to set up alternate websites. Some are intended to coincide with a special promotion or marketing strategy, others are geared toward a specific demographic that they’re trying to reach. For the former approach, Burger King is best-known, and for the latter it’s McDonald’s, with sites you’ll read about below.

While it might seem like multiple fast food chain websites are unnecessary, they’re actually pretty popular, and are a really good resource, attracting nearly 3 million unique visitors in May 2014, according to For example, provides details on every single menu item, discusses food quality and sourcing, goes over the history of the company and corporate information, provides resources to those looking for employment there, has a location finder and contact information, and provides a bunch of other resources and information that you won’t get by just walking into your local outpost.

But head to the main page’s bottom corner and you’ll find a little section that takes you to other McDonald’s websites, geared toward demographic groups like tweens ( “Kids rule! We know being a kid is all about meeting up with friends, playing favorite games, and enjoying great food.”) and Latinos ( “Join us in promoting the Latin spirit with music, futbol, and family fun”). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So read on to learn about 8 websites that are affiliated with fast food chains (including one that isn’t, but probably should be), and prepare to be surprised by some of the strange stuff lurking on the internet.

Subservient Chicken

This site was originally launched in 2004, and featured nothing but a man in a chicken suit who responded to about 300 simple typed commands by seeming to do them in real time. It was launched in order to promote the BK Tendercrisp chicken sandwich, and was brought back earlier this year in a slightly more meme-friendly format.

Subway Kids


Yes, Subway has a website devoted entirely to kids, for some reason. It primarily serves to promote the Subway FreshFit Kids line, and they’re partnered with Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy to give away backpacks for every kids meal served. The actual kid’s content is only one page; the whole site looks like it was put together in an afternoon.