You Could Make the Zuckerberg Family Eggnog Scones

'The Startup Chef' cookbook, released today, compiled 75 recipes from Sililcon Valley hotshots

OK, so it might not be Mark Zuckerberg's personal eggnog chocolate chip scone recipe, but a new cookbook brings you into the kitchen of big-name Silicon Valley residents, like sisters Randi and Donna Zuckerberg (Randi being the former marketing head of Facebook).

Titled The Start-Up Chef, the cookbook compiles 75 recipes from Google employees, Spotify founders, and Foursquare heads. There's "Eggs à la Matt" from Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress, a marinated tenderloin recipe from Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, and of course, a porcini mushroom pasta sauce from Foodspotting co-founder Soraya Darabi.

Proceeds from the book will go toward charities fighting hunger, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with a minimum price of $10 and a suggested price of $20. Personal favorites include Mom Crowley's sausage soup recipe from Dennis Crowley (Foursquare) and something called Antarctic Scotch Ice Cream from Caroline McCarthy, a former CNET social media writer who now works for Google, not to mention a five-bean falafel recipe from Michael Mina.


Co-authors Hunter Walk and Maya Baratz got the idea from Instagram, of course, after noticing people's affinity for posting food photos via filters on the photo-sharing app. "It’s not just the approach to cooking itself being iterative, much like product design and start-ups, but also the community table being somewhere that ideas, experiences, and thoughts are shared," Walk told The NY Times. And while the rest of the tech world's cooking chops may not be Michelin-starred, the publisher Leanpub allows content to be updated after the original publication. So a Mark Zuckerberg recipe might really happen (including, perhaps, hunting tips. We can dream).