Yosemite Falls

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  • Rocks on the trail can be pretty slick from mist blown over from the falls, but not appear so.
  • So much incline makes you think you've gone further than you have. Columbia rock (overlook with a fence) is your 1/4 marker.
  • Muhakkak gelin kaln ve bu milli park en az iki gn gezin.
  • The trail to the top of the upper falls is actually on top of the ancient Yosemite Falls creek riverbed, before the falls was diverted by a glacier. Awesome hike!
  • Make sure to bring lots of water and some food . The hike is rough. Supposed to be the toughest trail
  • Pretty steep so trekking poles can save the knees on the way down.
  • Don't underestimate the water you need if you're going all the way to Upper. No water on the trail, but there are streams if you have a filter or if you're trusting to drink directly from it.
  • If you start this hike early afternoon, you'll reach Columbia rock around 3. You can go a bit further for an even better view or go full 7 miles. On the way down, stop at CR again for a setting sun!
  • Remember, anything that goes up must come down & the trail gets pretty slick so if you struggle bring poles.
  • The hike up gets pretty hard in hot weather, so it's best to do it early in the morning or late-ish afternoon. Don't miss out on the pool at the top of the falls!
  • Wonderful place