Yorkshire Pudding Buns & Other News

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Yorkshire Pudding Buns & Other News

Yorkshire pudding buns are just the wildest part of UK chain Handmade Burger Co.’s menu revamp. The chain—with 20 locations in England and four in Scotland—has rethought its whole menu, including sides as well as burgers, creating new combinations that define the 21st century burger bar.

Handmade still offers more than 50 burgers, all scratch-made. Burgers categorized as “Yorkies” are one of two new menu categories. Yep, all three are Scottish beef with two Yorkshire puddings serving as buns. The builds (shown below):

¤ Beef & Horseradish: Beef patty, on a bed of watercress & caramelized onions, topped with a creamy horseradish sauce;

¤ Lamb & Mint: Lamb patty on a bed of watercress & caramelized onions, mint sauce;

¤ Chicken & Cranberry: Chicken breast on a bed of watercress & caramelized onions, topped with house cranberry relish.

Handmade Burger Co.'s Yorkie Burgers

Handmade Burger Co.’s Yorkie Burgers

The menu already includes 13 classic burgers, all 7-oz. patties of Aberdeen beef blended with a signature mix of seasonings. The new menu adds three:

¤ Italian: Mediterranean sausage, mozzarella, red pesto, mayo, rocket, tomato & red onion;

¤ Mexican: Handmade Mexican salsa, hand crushed avocado, fresh tortilla chips, jalapenos, chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomato & red onion;

¤ Avocado & Bacon: Hand-crushed avocado, smoked bacon, our original HBC burger relish, mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion.

Handmade Burger Co.'s D.B. Cheese & Bacon Burger

Handmade Burger Co.’s D.B. Cheese & Bacon Burger

The “Dirty Burger” menu category is a new creation, too. The options are a D.B. Cheese Burger (beef, American cheese, lettuce, onion, ketchup and HBC sauce on a buttermilk bun with jalapeno slaw and pickle and two variations: D.B. Fried Onion and D.B. Cheese & Bacon. Side options include the jalapeňo slaw and something called “Hipster Chips”(house-cut fries topped with the jalapeňo slaw, sriracha mayo and scallions).

Joining the menu are five new chicken-breat burgers: Jerk, Cajun, Italian, Brie & Cranberry and Avocado & Bacon. A Veg-Mex Burger and Thai Vegetable Burger bring to seven the number of meatless entrees offered. Three burgers of rare-breed, free-range beef; skewers; pita burgers; both Junior and Smaller burgers; and salads fill out one of the larger burger-bar menus around. Sundaes and hand-made shakes and malts complete list.


Another British burger concept, Twisted Burger Company, has four locations, but its center remains the unit in The Harley a Sheffield music venue that also houses a club, a bar and 22-bed budget hotel. Twisted Burger runs a development kitchen there, where it creates and tests new burgers. If they work, they go on all locations’ menus.

Its latest test menu, only at The Harley location, is called Studio 1 Dub Plates. It’s a collection of three new burgers:

Studio 1_GringoGotSeoul

¤ Black & Blue: Two Cajun-spiced beef patties, black pudding (blood sausage), minced onion and blue-cheese dressing;

¤ Queen Bee: Double chicken patty, Southern seasoning, Belgian waffle, Monterey-Jack cheese, bacon and honey;

¤ Gringo Got Seoul: Double beef patty, Monterey-Jack cheese, slow-cooked chili, kimchi and guacamole.

On the side? Wrecking Balls: vegan-mozzarella-stuffed dough balls with garlic dip.


Finally, McDonald’s provides a useful refresher course in all that it’s currently testing in San Diego at changeisheremcdsd.com/. That list begins with the two Breakfast Bowls (Scrambled Egg & Chorizo–below, at r.and  Egg White & Turkey Sausage).


Also testing are smoothies and parfaits made with Chobani Greek yogurt, the Chef Crafted burgers and sandwiches (a simpler version of the Create Your Taste customization platform), and the Simple Delights menu put into test earlier this year. It brings together menu items with fewer than 300 calories, such at the Egg White Delight (250), the new Egg White & Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl (250) and Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken (230).

The final test isn’t a menu item but a service style: table service. Order, take your number to your seat and your meal is brought to you a la fast-casual restaurants. This ultimately could be the most important test of them all in San Diego.