Yogurt, Desserts
4924 Elm St (btwn Arlington Rd. & Woodmont Ave.)
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 718-1896


  • Outstanding! The cake batter is my favorite flavor.
  • Limited choice of flavors and unusual approach to trying samples left me underwhelmed. Instead of giving out mini cups to try flavors, they handle it for you. Never seen this before. Don't like it!
  • THAI ICED TEA FLAVOR The colorful balls of light hanging from the ceiling will have you mesmerized... ooh~ aah~
  • Leave room for toppings!!!
  • Oh my goodness!! You definitely need to try the cake batter and mango froyo with fresh pineapples, kiwi & strawberry. It's nothing but pure goodness in a cup
  • Love love love the Taro Root with rainbow sprinkles
  • Eat inside. The lights make the yogurt taste better.
  • My girls love all yogurt spots but yogiberry is my favorite. I love the chocolate rocks topping and the selection of yogurts.
  • The Thai iced tea yogurt has a unique refreshing taste!
  • Why don't they ever have regular (non-tart) vanilla here???!??! As much as I like a combination of Taro, Watermelon and Cake Batter sometimes I just want regular vanilla.
  • Oreo is so good! And always leave room for plenty of toppings...I always lightly tap my cup on the counter to flatten the fro-yo.
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  • Yaro yog w kiwi n mango is screamin good
  • Stop by for some tasty yogurt with lots of very nomnom flavors and toppings. More tips & pics @ nomnomboris.com
  • I like the cake batter flavor with tons of fresh fruit. And there's a great selection of fruit toppings!
  • The small cup is plenty big. Full of yogurt & as many toppings as you can scoop on costs about $4.75.
  • At 49c I thought it would be cheap. Beware ! as you add the yoghurt and the toppings that price is per ounce so u could end up paying upto 5$ depending on what you pick
  • New yogiberry store! It is self serve and they have more flavors than normal Yogi stores, like strawberry (really good!) and taro (taste like a popcorn jellybean).

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