Yiftee Application Opens The Door To Virtual Gift-Giving

Available nationally, the Yiftee application allows you to send a real gift via iPhone or the Internet, helping take some of the chaos out of sending gifts, as well as promote local businesses. 

The certificates are sent digitally and notify the receiver via text, email, or Facebook wall post, allowing them to retrieve the gift at the nearest possible location.

According to a press release by Kirstin Robison, a publicist for Pitch Public Relations, gifts are affordable, coming in around $20, being that they are typically smaller gifts such as a glass of wine or a manicure. Imagine getting a notification and realizing that you've just been given a lunch through your phone. This application is potentially changing the way we share meals.

But the application is not just about convenient gift-giving; gifts that are unredeemed can be donated to a nonprofit organization, and meals and supplies can be donated to victims of Hurricane Sandy or the Newtown tragedy. The application, launched in 2012, has since helped raise a great deal of money for local businesses.

According to Finance.com, one of the founders of Yiftee, Donna Novitsky, said, "we came up with this idea of microgifts. Merchants don't have to discount, and people have to come into their stores to pick them up."