Hot Dogs
1505 Wealthy St SE (at Lake St. SE)
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
(616) 262-3090
10:30am - 2:30am
10:30am - 2:30am
10:30am - 2:30am
10:30am - 2:30am
10:30am - 2:30am
10:30am - 2:30am
10:30am - 9:00pm

Lists & rankings



  • shoot for the tip basket!
  • there is no line just walk in when they ask you what dogs you want just tell them. not your drinks or chips, they will ask that when the time is ready
  • Ultradogs are the best!
  • Cheddardogs with pickles... Mmm too good
  • order a Slutdog.
  • The best hotdogs in the world I've been to NYC and these are way better
  • Try the each of the hot dogs they have at least once
  • $1 = Respect. $5= Mad respect.
  • Two cheddardogs, a bag of sour cream n' onion chips, and a Mtn Dew. Perfect.
  • Ultradog FTW
  • Brought my pooch with me and a staff member offered her a free wiener. And I say wiener cuz saying I fed my dog a dog just sounds wrong :)
  • Cheddardog with pickle!
  • Want your dogs delivered? Use Zipments!!!
  • Get the Ultradog!
  • The Yester and the Ultra are the bomb. Cash only. There isn't a line so fill all the way in to the end of the counter.
  • Best place in Grand Rapids for hotdogs! Love the environment has a old school feeling that takes you back to a simpler time. Cheap hotdogs cheap drinks equals a great time.
  • Buy a shirt or hat, then take a photo of yourself wearing it in an exotic location. You might make the Wall of Fame. Oh also, eat a hot dog here.
  • Don't be a Dick
  • So good but they only accept cash or check, no cards! It's really annoying (who has checks?!) so make sure you bring cash with you.

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