Y-Not II

Dive Bar, Bar
706 E Lyon St (N Van Buren St)
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 347-9972



  • ask Sam what she did for work during Prohibition. Then duck.
  • I couldn't get into y not 2 even though I'm 22.. Awesome
  • Get a bloody dinner while doing weekly wash! Hey... Ynot!!!
  • Jane is the best bartender! Give her some good tips!
  • Get the mini-bottles of booze 2 for $5, or a liter of beer... and make a bet on which bartender is the Mayor that night.
  • The popcorn is what's up.
  • Best dog ever
  • Never bring your parents here...especially on Thanksgiving.
  • It's dark, so subtract 2 to 3 points from the person you're thinking about stumbling home with for less regret in the morning.
  • Not for beautiful people.
  • If you work here, remember, the only tip you'll get from Jason will be on Foursquare.
  • Free popcorn, free pool, cheap(ish) drinks. Good place. If only the music wasn't juke box. Dead silence
  • If you order a shot here, you get a bottle...those airplane size bottles...sweet.
  • Bring your big hands. Every glass here is huge.
  • Your bloody mary is served with a chaser, a pickle and 2 olives. Free popcorn. Keep it dive-y, keep it funky!
  • Tip Germaine well! She is the best!
  • High Life!!!
  • Old school "setup". With a mini bottle of booze and mixer
  • Help yourself to free popcorn. Sure, Y not?
  • Free popcorn, why not?

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