Xtreme SkatePark

Skate Park
East Coast Park (Carpark F1)


  • Try to come at night, it'll be less crowded.
  • Kaymann bu kadar zevk verdiini unutmuum
  • A good place for riding.. its drys fast after rain..
  • Never ever smoke in this skatepark. Nparks are everywhere!
  • if you intend to take a taxi here, be sure to have the taxi-call centre no handy coz its almost impossible to catch a taxi back out. Call for one in advance.
  • Great when not too crowded but last we went, approx 10 young adults dominated the space with the ramps and actively shooed off kids from using it. Not cool.
  • Nice place to practice
  • We love any place which has ramps! This happens to have heaps and the bowl is sweet too
  • Skate on my son.
  • Skate or die.
  • Skateboard, scoot, waveboard or inline, get a great start with a Pro Coach! Sms 92225447 for a free trial- SkateSports
  • A good place to train n learn new skills!! Local greatest riding n skating heaven n hell
  • Dont let your child play around here . Once they are bang , parents will blame on the extreme riders z
  • Try not to come at dinner time. Snake boards,recreational cyclists and online skaters and razor scooters everywhere. Parents Who let their kids run amuck:Yea,it's really safe,great parenting you guys.
  • Going to skate!

Nearby places

1220 East Coast Parkway (Next to Carpark E2)
Along East Coast Pkwy (East Coast Park Service Rd)
1018 East Coast Parkway #01-01